Round designer table, harmonises spaces and adds an extra touch to rooms

Round design table is a piece of furniture that goes beyond functionality and is able, with its shape, to harmonise spaces. Classic in wood or more minimalist in crystal or marble.

The square dining table: a guide to the right choice for your home

The square dining table is rarely considered as a furnishing solution. This is because people tend to prefer rectangular or round models. However, there are many good reasons to choose to furnish your living room with a square table: reasons that have to do with the peculiar design of these tables, but that also have

Baxter tables: design excellence to make your home unique

Baxter offers tables that combine design, high quality materials and functionality. The different models in the collection are designed to furnish every space in the home: in addition to tables to be placed in lounges and living areas, there are small tables that can be placed near the sofa as a support surface or used

The Saarinen Knoll marble table: an icon that stands the test of time

Iconic, timeless, revolutionary, the Saarinen Knoll marble table has rewritten the rules of living room and lounge furniture. Created in the 1950s, this masterpiece of interior design continues to furnish the most exclusive environments and to surprise for its ability to adapt to contemporary and futuristic contexts. An interior design masterpiece by Saarinen It was

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