Laundry room luxury : what furniture and accessories should be considered?

Laundry room luxury  is a real challenge for interior designers. balancing functionality and aesthetics is essential. Such a piece of furniture can also be custom-designed. When designing the laundry room, one must not forget to foresee the presence of worktops, which can be used for folding laundry or for placing clothes to be stored or baskets.

luxurious bathroom: what is it? How to create it? A complete guide to creating your dream bathroom!

luxurious bathroom a space in which to relax, with an elegant and sophisticated appearance and perhaps one that stimulates the senses on several levels. a bathroom that is functional, but first and foremost presents itself as a unique and refined environment. When designing the furnishings of such a bathroom, attention must be paid to the overall harmony of the space and the details

Bathroom design small: a guide to how to design a small bathroom

Bathroom design small requires a great deal of attention, since the available space is limited and it is necessary to create a functional space without sacrificing design. it is important to adopt solutions that do not weigh down the room. In the search for space-saving styles and solutions, attention to design and intelligent use of space becomes essential.

Bathroom design modern: where to start? What are the best tips?

Bathroom design modern the key aspects to consider are numerous. Careful consideration should be given to how the location will be used on a daily basis by those living in the house. One of the most distinctive aspects of a modern bathroom is the use of wall-hung or flush fixtures. We have already mentioned that simplicity and balance are the principles to refer to when bathroom design modern

Bathroom design luxury: what are the various steps? How do we arrive at the final (and best) design?

Bathroom design luxury the primary objective is to create a space dedicated to well-being that manages to combine elegance and functionality. Creating a luxury designer bathroom requires special attention when choosing materials. Regardless of the style you prefer, it is essential to consider the needs of the people living in your home

Modern bathroom ideas: what are the latest trends for a trendy bathroom?

Modern bathroom ideas should always harmoniously combine functionality and aesthetics. A modern bathroom should not only be beautiful to look at, but also comfortable to use and well designed. With a few tricks, a contemporary bathroom can become a small private spa.

Modern bathroom shower , an oasis of relaxation and refinement

Modern bathroom shower to create relaxing and elegant spaces with functionality. Modern technology has added new functions and practicality to the shower, such as lights and fragrances that create a spa-like atmosphere. You can choose a walk-in shower or a walk-in shower, but it must be integrated with the other furniture, from the sanitary ware to a central element such as the sink.

Bathroom renovation: top tips for the perfect bathroom restyling

Renovate the bathroom taking into account what needs to be met by the furnishing project whatever style you want to give it. In addition to understanding what type of structure to give to the bathroom, it is also necessary to assess what type of materials you want to use for the flooring and wall tiles It is important to rely on professionals who can follow the project at every stage and ensure compliance with the regulations and bureaucratic aspects of the renovation.

Bathroom ideas: what ideas can innovate the look of a bathroom?

Bathroom ideas: you can be inspired by timeless interior design solutions or take a cue from the latest interior design trends. The intended use will in fact greatly influence the design decisions, and also the elements to be included. from the point of view of the use of colours, light shades tend to be favoured in classic bathrooms. in modern bathrooms, bolder colours can be used. modern interior design offers a very wide range of possibilities and allows interior designers to express their creativity in a unique way.

Bathroom renovations: what are the steps? How to make the right choices? [Step-by-step guide].

Bathroom renovations are one of the most delicate interior design jobs. In some ways, they are perhaps the activity that requires the most care in home renovations. All bathroom renovations follow a pattern, which is the one we give you below. Indeed, on the one hand, modernising the bathroom can be a very rewarding task, but on the other hand it is certainly challenging

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