Agape bathroom furniture: how to transform the bathroom into your wellness room

Agape bathroom furniture has 40 years of history. Functional furniture that becomes a key element in interior design choices. The selection of materials is of high quality and with excellent resistance, such as wood or innovative materials. Quality, design but also sustainability.

Bathroom oasis of refinement? Yes, with luxury bathroom furniture

Luxury bathroom furniture makes your bathroom an oasis of elegance and genuine luxury. Like all luxury furniture, materials and quality are important. Also important are the latest sanitary and electrical appliances as well as the lighting.

A wardrobe with groove handles, where practicality embraces clean style

The wardrobe with groove handles is a practical solution for those who are looking for a minimalist and clean style as well as being comfortable to use. To highlight the handle groove, it can be made of a different material from that of the structure. Practical to clean, the handles can be hollow or flat.

Classic luxury wardrobe: elegant and impressive for mostly classic rooms

A classic luxury wardrobe is perfect to enrich a bedroom. It is often upholstered in fine wood, but also with mirrors and glass inserts to make it even more elegant. The watchwords are balance and refinement.

Small bathroom or a touch of design in the living room? Freestanding baths are the answer

Freestanding or free-standing bathtubs add a touch of luxury and look great with free space around them. They are comfortable, relaxing and can be made from a variety of materials from acrylic to ceramic and even marble and stone.

How to create a designer bathroom with the right furniture choices

Interior design trends give precise indications on how to furnish a designer bathroom, with the aim of creating a true wellness room, where aesthetics and functionality blend to perfection. Whether you are planning a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, here are a few tips for transforming the room into a designer space.