Modern bathrooms: what are they? How to design and realise a super modern bathroom in your home?

Modern bathrooms , all the best advice for understanding what kind of contemporary bathroom you need in your home. These are rooms that are designed and realised following the latest stylistic trends in interior design. As in practically all interior design projects, it is the details that make the difference. It is in fact the small design touches or additions that give your bathroom a unique and modern touch.

Laundry furniture, practical and space-saving for a functional room

Laundry furniture One of the conveniences probably most appreciated by people is being able to wash their clothes whenever they want. The laundry room is a special room and is perhaps one of the only ones where aesthetic beauty can take second place to practicality. These furnishings are designed as functional and practical columns. As far as material is concerned, there are several options for furniture for one’s laundry room

Sofa bed in Switzerland: which model to choose? Which interior designer to trust?

Sofa bed in Switzerland must ensure high comfort and equally high quality. you must therefore focus both on the aesthetic aspects of the product, relating to its size and the type of upholstery used, and consider the ease with which the sofa can be opened and closed or the quality of the integrated mattress. It is an almost obligatory choice when one is used to hosting relatives and friends, but does not have a guest room

Jewels of relaxation and design: every detail is taken care of in contemporary bathrooms

contemporary bathrooms are true design gems, with attention to every detail. they must be a true relaxation corner, a pampering, with hydro-massage or chromotherapy. Sanitary fittings (meaning toilets and washbasins) for contemporary bathrooms must also be chosen with care. For materials, classic porcelain or elements such as porcelain stoneware or resin can be used. Light colours are best.

Modern bathroom furniture: how to create your dream modern bathroom

Modern bathroom furniture focuses on the well-being of the whole family. Compared to years past, there are in fact many more choices for this furniture. Simple-looking sanitary ware and wall tiles are preferred, and washbasins with integrated countertops are often used. Those who want to add a touch of design to their modern bathroom d├ęcor can also focus on lighting.

Minimalism, sophistication and charm, the walk-in shower is perfect for a luxury bathroom

Walk-in shower is relaxation and functionality but also luxury. A solution that is particularly suitable for those with a very large bathroom where glass is naturally the star of the shower. Since we are talking about an elegant and minimalist solution, it would be best to go for a refined and classy fitting. The walk-in shower can be flush with the floor or have a step

Agape bathroom furniture: how to transform the bathroom into your wellness room

Agape bathroom furniture has 40 years of history. Functional furniture that becomes a key element in interior design choices. The selection of materials is of high quality and with excellent resistance, such as wood or innovative materials. Quality, design but also sustainability.

Bathroom oasis of refinement? Yes, with luxury bathroom furniture

Luxury bathroom furniture makes your bathroom an oasis of elegance and genuine luxury. Like all luxury furniture, materials and quality are important. Also important are the latest sanitary and electrical appliances as well as the lighting.

A wardrobe with groove handles, where practicality embraces clean style

The wardrobe with groove handles is a practical solution for those who are looking for a minimalist and clean style as well as being comfortable to use. To highlight the handle groove, it can be made of a different material from that of the structure. Practical to clean, the handles can be hollow or flat.

Classic luxury wardrobe: elegant and impressive for mostly classic rooms

A classic luxury wardrobe is perfect to enrich a bedroom. It is often upholstered in fine wood, but also with mirrors and glass inserts to make it even more elegant. The watchwords are balance and refinement.

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