Bathroom ideas: what ideas can innovate the look of a bathroom?

Bathroom ideas: you can be inspired by timeless interior design solutions or take a cue from the latest interior design trends. The intended use will in fact greatly influence the design decisions, and also the elements to be included. from the point of view of the use of colours, light shades tend to be favoured in classic bathrooms. in modern bathrooms, bolder colours can be used. modern interior design offers a very wide range of possibilities and allows interior designers to express their creativity in a unique way.

Bathroom renovations: what are the steps? How to make the right choices? [Step-by-step guide].

Bathroom renovations are one of the most delicate interior design jobs. In some ways, they are perhaps the activity that requires the most care in home renovations. All bathroom renovations follow a pattern, which is the one we give you below. Indeed, on the one hand, modernising the bathroom can be a very rewarding task, but on the other hand it is certainly challenging

Relaxation at home. Making a home sauna is possible, here’s how

Sauna is a space where you can relax at home, enhancing indoor and outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, gazebos… The idea of a spa in the home is becoming increasingly popular with the spread of terrace pools and whirlpools. It is a cabin made of wood and glass, furnished with benches where one can sit or get comfortable, with a stove that warms.¬† This environment can be for a single person or for several, even up to a dozen.

Bathroom design: how to make the right choice? What design to be inspired by?

Bathroom design means balancing both beauty and functionality, making sure to create a space that is as beautiful to look at as it is practical to use. main challenge in designing is finding a way to fit all the desired elements together to meet the needs of the family. Every idea can be adapted to create a bathroom that is unique, reflects one’s style and meets the needs of the family.

Space-saving and (sometimes) aesthetic, a guide to how to optimise your laundry cabinets

Laundry cabinets that make the best use of space, to store detergents, utensils and if you can also other items that have no place elsewhere, such as other cleaning products. A practical and space-saving solution is to choose vertical development, going as high as you can. Valuable cabinets will also provide beauty and practicality together.

Beneficial effects and special shapes, all the advantages of a wooden bathtub

wooden bathtub if maintained carefully, is really what you need to truly relax after a day at work. Wooden bathtubs can be placed in any type of bathroom. Nowadays, a series of precautions are known to safeguard the bathtub, such as paints specially created for boats, which are known to stay in the water for long periods of time.

Modern bathrooms: what are they? How to design and realise a super modern bathroom in your home?

Modern bathrooms , all the best advice for understanding what kind of contemporary bathroom you need in your home. These are rooms that are designed and realised following the latest stylistic trends in interior design. As in practically all interior design projects, it is the details that make the difference. It is in fact the small design touches or additions that give your bathroom a unique and modern touch.

Laundry furniture, practical and space-saving for a functional room

Laundry furniture One of the conveniences probably most appreciated by people is being able to wash their clothes whenever they want. The laundry room is a special room and is perhaps one of the only ones where aesthetic beauty can take second place to practicality. These furnishings are designed as functional and practical columns. As far as material is concerned, there are several options for furniture for one’s laundry room

Sofa bed in Switzerland: which model to choose? Which interior designer to trust?

Sofa bed in Switzerland must ensure high comfort and equally high quality. you must therefore focus both on the aesthetic aspects of the product, relating to its size and the type of upholstery used, and consider the ease with which the sofa can be opened and closed or the quality of the integrated mattress. It is an almost obligatory choice when one is used to hosting relatives and friends, but does not have a guest room

Jewels of relaxation and design: every detail is taken care of in contemporary bathrooms

contemporary bathrooms are true design gems, with attention to every detail. they must be a true relaxation corner, a pampering, with hydro-massage or chromotherapy. Sanitary fittings (meaning toilets and washbasins) for contemporary bathrooms must also be chosen with care. For materials, classic porcelain or elements such as porcelain stoneware or resin can be used. Light colours are best.

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