The cherry kitchen: a guide to the ideal choice for your home

A cherry kitchen is one of the most commonly used luxury kitchens. Cherry wood is particularly valuable, and a kitchen made from this essence appears naturally elegant and solid. Both classic and contemporary styles are realised.

Modern contemporary kitchens, where essentiality meets cosiness

Modern contemporary kitchens where cooking and living. You can distinguish various styles and materials such as steel, wood, or fenix to be original. For colours, the choice is wide, although light shades are very popular, from the ever-popular white, which takes centre stage, to cream, brown and beige. Cabinets and spaces in modern kitchens are designed to be functional.

Classic wooden kitchens, warmth and harmony without sacrificing modernity

Classic wooden kitchens are a type of kitchen that gives an invaluable sense of home warmth. Light colours certainly help the kitchen itself to be bright. The perfect wood for classic kitchens is walnut or cherry, a symbol of warmth. Excellent furnishing accessories such as copper pots or ceramic services.

Storage space? Consider a Kitchen corner pantry cabinet

Kitchen corner pantry cabinet allows you to exploit an area of the room, the corners. With this system, the supplies will be closed and not visible. For style there is really a wide choice. A kitchen corner pantry cabinets should follow the material of which the rest of the room is made.

Classic kitchens with breakfast counter, for a functional and practical snack space

Classic kitchens with breakfast countertops are suitable for a quick lunch such as breakfast or a snack. The size of the countertop will depend very much on the size of the kitchen in general. Do not forget that the counter must be illuminated

Needs and clear ideas? You can choose a custom kitchen

Custom kitchen is a suitable solution for those who want to create a room that is perfectly in line with their tastes and needs. The classic one is one of the most popular while modern for The one who wants to be fashionable

The modern Shaker style kitchen: how to make the right choice?

modern Shaker style kitchen is especially appreciated for its minimal and clean lines and then because it allows you to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere.Two elements that particularly stand out are the sideboard and high-backed chairs

Marble and wood kitchen, combining refinement and home warmth is possible

Kitchen marble and wood are an extra touch in the home. Marble brings elegance and sophistication while wood brings home warmth. More original combinations can be created, which make the materials coexist more. The balance between colours, whether they create harmony or contrast, is fundamental.

Custom kitchens : a guide to the choice to avoid mistakes

Custom kitchens have as their main advantage the ability to decide with maximum freedom the structure to be given to the furniture. They can be designed linear, angular, with island or peninsula. Perfect for those who want to have an exclusive and unique piece of furniture, designed to best suit the characteristics of the environment.

Functionality, design and innovation? Opt for round kitchens

Round kitchens have ‘curves’ that give a unique feeling of warmth and it is possible to have the sensation of being in an amphitheatre. Any spatial configuration can lend itself to the insertion of ‘curves’ or elements that are more animated than traditional ones.