Lacanche: ovens, hobs and accessories for a dream kitchen

Lacanche kitchens is a French company founded in 1796 that is mainly dedicated to the production of professional, high-end kitchens. today it is characterised by its ability to offer an excellent combination of elegant design, advanced functionality and durability. only the highest quality materials are used, such as stainless steel, brass and copper. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and carefully designed in every detail, Lacanche’s products also guarantee excellent performance

Kitchen tips: all the best tips for building the kitchen of your dreams

Kitchen tips.  Optimising space and organisation in this room allows you to work more efficiently, reducing stress and making daily tasks more enjoyable A well-organised kitchen is the heart of a cosy home. Knowing how to balance functionality and style is the secret to creating a kitchen that is pleasant to live in and reflects one’s personal style.

Dynamic and fluid, how to furnish open kitchens with islands?

Open kitchens with islands are a dynamic solution that can unite and divide spaces at the same time. It makes them fluid, creating kitchen and living room space, united and divided at the same time. They are suitable for both large and small spaces: in the first case, they will create an enormous dynamic and modern space, in the second they will optimise every centimetre. they are perfect for modern contexts, because they know how to combine functionality and design, but they are also well suited to classic interior design

What are summer kitchens and how to make them a feature of your home

Summer kitchens are an up-to-date and useful concept for those who want to create an area for cooking and eating in holiday homes, cottages or even in the city using a garden. It is a room designed for cooking and eating, detached from the main body of the house, be it a holiday home, a cottage or one’s own main residence, although often connected. When closed, on a practical level, it can be used in any weather. It is a real kitchen so you can focus on technology, even creating a professional environment if you wish.

Colourful kitchens: what are their characteristics? How do they match the style of the house?

Colourful kitchens Whether you choose to use bright colours, pastel shades or sharp contrasts, the important thing is to ensure that the design elements come together harmoniously to create a unique and cosy space. they are perfect for people with a creative personality who also like to show their style through the furniture choices they make. the possibilities for customisation are almost endless.

Kitchen hoods: How to choose the right model for your kitchen?

Kitchen hoods are an essential element for any room used for food preparation and consumption. Those who love cutting-edge technological solutions and minimalist design can also consider kitchen hoods that are fully integrated into the hob. Of course, choosing the right cooker hood model depends on the requirements the room has to meet and the look you want to give the room

Mediterranean style kitchen combines sea and country in a unique design

Mediterranean style kitchen. The Mediterranean style is characterised by a general feeling of freshness, it almost seems to recall the breeze and scent of the sea, while the country style winks at the American countryside. The materials are essentially wood, terracotta, marble and possibly stoneware with a wood, marble or stone effect. Masonry inserts on the walls and if possible the use of large ceramic or terracotta tiles for the floor are perfect

Kitchen island freestanding: what is it? How do you choose the right configuration for your project?

Kitchen island freestanding is a versatile and functional solution that is often used when you want to create an elegant, modern-looking kitchen. It offers greater flexibility in deciding the position and configuration of the various units that make up the kitchen. This kitchen can become the main focal point of the room and depending on individual preferences. the freestanding island can be used as a worktop only or as a functional element in food preparation.

Kitchen island with counter: how to choose it? How to make the right choice based on the furnishing style?

A kitchen island with counteris a solution often resorted to when you want to give the room a sleek and modern look. The kitchen island with counter is also a very versatile space: if necessary, it can become a dining table. When you choose to furnish your kitchen with a kitchen island with counter, it is important to balance different needs in order to create a functional and welcoming environment. A kitchen island with solid wood counter, for example, gives the room a very homely and welcoming atmosphere.

Practical yet aesthetic, a guide to materials for kitchen splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks: they can protect the wall if the hob is facing the wall from stains and splashes. Tempered glass is an option for kitchen splashbacks that are highly resistant, if treated properly, to high temperatures and at the same time refined and able to combine functionality and elegance. Wood, steel, resin and ceramic are also used.

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