Kitchen cabinets: how to choose the right furniture for the room where food is prepared (and eaten)?

Kitchen cabinets always requires special attention. the starting point is always to assess your specific needs. The quality of the materials can make all the difference in terms of durability, maintenance and the overall appearance of the kitchen. Modern furniture can give the room a fresh style through the use of clean, essential lines. The functionality of furniture also depends on the closing and opening system used.

In kitchen equipment, each style has its own characteristics. Don’t get the details wrong!

kitchen equipment, First of all, the distinction must be made between a classic and a modern type of interior design, which leads to different types of shapes, materials. Contemporary kitchens tend to be single-colour or two-colour. Pastel colours are preferable for classic kitchen equipment. The chosen style will influence every detail

From technology to materials, what are the characteristics of beautiful and functional luxurious modern kitchens

luxurious modern kitchens are no longer just spaces to cook in, but as a part of the home to be lived in dynamically and actively. To accentuate the linear simplicity of the whole, they are suspended, which from a practical point of view makes cleaning easier. Colours in luxury kitchens should be neutral, ranging from white and black to grey, beige and cream.

Clean, harmonious and elegant, some tips on how to create light modern kitchens

Light modern kitchens bring a feeling of brightness and cleanliness It has the virtue of enlarging unimportant space, making it look larger. A winning idea is also to include natural wood parts. When choosing light colours for your kitchens, bear in mind that in modern interior design, pastel colours are generally not part of the palette

Combinations and tips for attractive modern white and black kitchens

modern white and black kitchens a special and refined option. If we have already said that white is a colour that is associated with cleanliness and brightness, black is a decidedly more unusual but increasingly popular choice. the possibilities are many and a third colour can be added, that of a natural wood that is not too dark.

From the light to the sink, some tricks for furnishing small corner kitchens

Small corner kitchens have countless combinations.  Colours and light are essential to make them appear more spacious, furnishing them in the wrong way would make the room feel suffocating and oppressive. Utensils and supplies will find a place in cupboards that extend in height.

The many merits of modern corner kitchens , rational.

modern corner kitchens are a dynamic and functional possibility, as well as having various aesthetic and ergonomic merits. Corner kitchens are a conformation that suits every context, both modern and classic kitchens. They occupy two walls and therefore have two parts perpendicular to each other. As far as materials are concerned, they range from wood to steel to fenix to lux and matt lacquered.

Modern kitchens: how to choose a modern kitchen according to your furnishing needs?

Modern kitchens, how to choose the right model according to your living needs and the style in which the rest of the flat is furnished. Modern kitchens are a truly unique environment they can be at least as stunning as traditional ones. In a contemporary kitchen, functionality is the undisputed queen. We would like to give you some useful pointers so that you can reflect and make a decision that is the most appropriate for you and your family.

From furniture to crockery, how to create the charm of vintage kitchens

Vintage kitchens combine the modern with the traditional, without sacrificing the undeniable conveniences that contemporary appliances and technology bring. A common trait is to bring wooden furniture into one’s kitchen that looks worn and old but in reality is not. A central element of vintage kitchens is undoubtedly the table, either in wood or with a stone top, such as marble, or glass. For the floor, a winning choice is wood, you can also place chequered or encaustic tiles

With balance and good taste, green kitchens speak of sustainability and serenity

Green kitchens speak of sustainability and nature and are increasingly popular. On the other hand, it is an extremely versatile colour with different shades that can be used for both modern and more classic interior designs, together with others or on its own. These kitchens fit perfectly into the trend and are able to bring a deep sense of serenity and tranquillity

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