Always useful space but also design in kitchens with open shelves

Kitchens with open shelves are designed to have sufficient space: they are so useful that they are integrated into the hoods. Shelves are not just a practical expedient but are used as a design feature. An alternative to shelves are wall units, although nothing precludes having both. Depending on the style, open shelves are different. Materials can be different and they can become true design details added to the kitchen

kitchen with handles, a guide to choosing the perfect one

Kitchen with handles from classic to contemporary. an important design element that contributes to the final effect the room wants to give. The essential types used for kitchens are the classic stirrup handle or the knob handle, for special cases there are those that can be defined as artistic. A small handle that is only functional or a larger one that stands out. And for those who want something truly unique, there are the artistic handles

The italian kitchen design: bring the best of Made in Italy to your home!

The italian kitchen design are loved for their quality and aesthetics. Italian-made kitchens create a magical atmosphere that envelops those present and infects them with a wave of warmth and positive feelings. Equally important is the use of high quality materials. Whatever your need, choosing one of the italian kitchen design will certainly be a solution that will give you great satisfaction

The most beautiful kitchens in the world show trends: order, elegance, functionality and lots of wood

The most beautiful Kitchens in the world have a beauty is inherent in every style. There are the classic kitchens, where you play with the harmony of forms, trying to have perfect symmetry and a feeling of calm and linearity You move on to modern kitchens, with a strong aesthetic personality (even colourful), yet with minimal and clean lines, or with important designs and decorations. And you can see how each nation has its own taste, even if internationalisation means that you can recreate what you love everywhere. are perfectly harmonious and elegant

Design kitchen furniture: how to make the right choice?

design kitchen furniture, furnishing it using them is a great help in creating an environment that invites discussion with family members and is functional and pleasant to use. Modern, contemporary interior design multiplies the choices available compared to the past. Whatever the configuration, beautiful interior design projects can be realised

Kitchen island black marble: an elegant solution to make your home unique

Kitchen island black marble has a particularly refined look and is useful for completing the most elegant and exclusive projects. There are so many possible combinations and configurations. The choice between one type of marble and another varies depending on the style you want to give your kitchen, the configuration of the furniture and the other materials in the room.

Kitchen island with a breakfast bar: how to make the best choice for your case?

A kitchen island with a breakfast bar is one of the best solutions for those who are looking for contemporary furniture that is both functional and stylish. The presence of a snack top can really become the added value of a kitchen. In most cases, island and snack top are closely linked and the configuration of the former influences that of the latter, and vice versa.

Modern luxury kitchens combine refinement and functionality: cutting-edge and a feast for the eyes

modern luxury kitchens for those who want to combine preciousness and modernity. Smart ovens, which can also be controlled remotely, as well as the latest generation of dishwashers, which can also be started with an app. And speaking of materials, the choice is wide but must be made with care. As for colours, the trend is to stick to single-colour, two-tone or tone-on-tone.

Steel kitchens are durable, environmentally friendly and easy to clean

steel kitchens are designer. Resistant, ecological and easy to clean, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Stainless steel is the only material suitable for contact with food, and its high quality makes it durable over the years.

What are the best island kitchen in 2022?

The best island kitchen allows you to organize your space in the best possible way, both for cooking and for storage. A kitchen with an island presupposes a space, the island, that is central and operational. Here are what are the best island kitchen in 2022. All over the world, functionality is central to designs