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Glass cabinets: tips on how to use one or more glass cabinets to furnish rooms in your home

Glass cabinets are a type of traditional furniture that is making a strong comeback. they are used to display utensils and household items. Modern style glass cabinets have a structure made entirely of glass or crystal while traditional ones have a wooden structure. When evaluating different models of glass cabinets, it is always worth considering the convenience of cabinets with integrated lighting.

Elegant, light, resistant, bright: some reasons to choose a glass coffee table

glass coffee table . A choice capable of lending an extra touch to any environment and which suits every interior design. Thanks to its characteristic of being pierced by light, glass brings brightness to every context, giving the visual impression of enlarging space. . It must be of the correct height according to the sofa itself or the armchair, so that it can be easily reached, positioned at the right distance but in a way that does not cause discomfort.

To each his own: the characteristics of fabric sofas in various styles

fabric sofas a versatile piece of furniture that can be incorporated into any interior design, with a number of advantages. Linen is a hygienic, hypoallergenic, ecological, breathable, absorbent, insulating, antistatic and thermoregulating material. Velvet used to be considered the prerogative of the most classic and elegant environments. in the modern era, shapes with less detail and more essentiality will dominate and delicate nuances such as white, cream, beige

For every room and every interior design, with wooden furniture you always win

Wooden furniture is universal, looks good in all rooms and warms rooms. wood is truly evergreen, used in every type of interior design. . It is highly versatile, both because of the large number of processes it can undergo and because there are so many types of wood, It is highly versatile, both because of the large number of processes it can undergo and because there are so many types of wood,

Ambience, insulation, design, warmth: some of the many reasons to choose a wooden headboard

wooden headboard is an element to increase the comfort of one’s bed, a comfortable support for reading or watching TV while seated, which adds a decorative and original touch.wood is an ecological and environmentally friendly material, both when the furniture is made and when it is disposed of. It adapts to every type of interior design, precisely because of the versatility of both the complement itself and the material

Standing mirror: how to fit it into your décor? What are the tips for the right choice?

A standing mirror is one of the most versatile and interesting tools available to interior designers to amplify light and make rooms seem more spacious. Besides being a practical and functional piece of furniture, this mirror is also an excellent decorative element. It can be used in many rooms in the home .

Small stool: how to choose it according to the furnishings in the room?

A small stool is a practical, stylish and versatile way to personalise and add interest to the interior design of your home. it can easily add a seat, without cluttering up the room and guaranteeing an elegant and discreet result. it is important to first evaluate the type of structure and design of the stool itself or with additional functionality.

Bathroom cabinet: how to choose the right cabinet for the style of your bathroom?

bathroom cabinet play a crucial role in interior design projects, especially those that have a distinctly modern character. they allow for storage space, orderly organisation and having everything needed for personal care in the family within easy reach. Once you have decided what the maximum cabinet size is and where to place the bathroom cabinet, you can move on to choosing the right model.

With visible elements and fine finishes, how to make the most of a designer sideboard

designer sideboard represents a perfect combination of practicality, tradition and aesthetics. thanks to its characteristics, open compartments or closed by transparent doors can be provided for elements that you want to be seen. A piece of furniture with attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance, from the lines to the shapes, from the placement of the objects that will take their place to the lights.

Narrow tables: what do they look like? How to choose the right type for your kitchen or living room?

Narrow tables are an ingenious and versatile solution for furnishing the home and are especially useful when one has special needs, for a question of space or for interior design decisions made. a great solution for optimising space without sacrificing style.

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