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How to give personality to the living room with fancy sofas

Fancy sofas one of the most frequently reproduced pieces of furniture in different versions, designs, materials, fabrics, shapes by various furniture companies. Colours and patterns, but leather is a decisive and elegant option that gives a refined touch to any room and is perfect for those looking for decisive and unique traits. Speaking of shapes, since there is something for every taste on the market, you can make your choice of sofa extravagant with this very detail.

Attractive design and comfort, why swinging chairs  are increasingly popular

swinging chairs  comes from tradition, but is becoming especially popular in modern interior design. It is a type of chair that is characterised by having a seat supported only at the front and not at the back. From a practical point of view, the rocking movement adapts to that of the body, thus making the person sitting there feel extremely comfortable and not constrained by the rigid shapes of the seat. Protagonists of the room or camouflage them and make them discreet

Floor-standing coat racks: how to choose the right model for your furnishing style?

Floor-standing coat racks are a versatile solution for organising space efficiently and furnishing entrances and living areas of any home in style. they are a viable alternative to wall-mounted coat racks or closed entrance hangers. They have a small footprint and as far as style is concerned the choice is largely influenced by personal taste.

House plants indoor, a touch of green for every corner, under the right conditions

House plants indoorindoor They add an extra touch to any room, whether we are talking about a small flat or a large house, whatever the style. enhancing spaces that might otherwise remain unused or appear anonymous, with a touch of colour. The most common types of  plants indoor are evergreens, flowering plants and succulent house plants succulents.

Rocking chairs: how to choose the rocking chair that matches your interior design?

Rocking chairs are a very distinctive piece of furniture that can also become the centrepiece of one’s interior design. they often take centre stage and become the focal point of the room. Common materials include wood, metal and rattan, with the latter being ideal for rocking chairs for outdoor use. Wooden rocking chairs, with their natural and rustic appeal, fit perfectly into homes with rustic or country style furniture.

Practical and trendy, reasons to choose an bench hallway

It is one of the trendiest additions to the collection, and is happily used in various rooms, from the bedroom to the living room, for sitting, resting or storing objects. Having a practical and space-saving bench in the entrance hall does not mean giving up a piece of design furniture at all. Usually, it is designed not to be the star of the space, but there is nothing to stop it from taking on that role.

The extending wooden table is the versatile solution for every environment, from classic to modern

extending wooden tablefor those who want something that is linked to tradition but at the same time fits well into a modern context. This table guarantees flexibility and functional dynamism. It fits into any environment and wood goes well with classic furnishings, where it is usually dominant, and also with modern ones

The square extending table helps to welcome guests and… change shape

Square extending tableis capable of combining the two vocations of family time and convivial gatherings. It is characterised by great flexibility, because as the term implies it can be extended when needed. You can decide you want to double the size or you can extend it at will, a convenient option for those who always have a different number of guests. It fits perfectly into any style.

Shape and type of opening, a guide to the world of the extendable dining table

extendable dining table is ideal for those who occasionally have guests and therefore need to provide a certain amount of seating, but do not have the space for a large table. They come in all shapes, from rectangular to square to round and oval. There are different opening systems, from folding to central opening, from symmetrical side extensions to telescopic opening.

Lazy Susan: What is it? How to incorporate it into your home decor?

The Lazy Susan is a practical revolving tray, which was created as an accessory for use in the kitchen. revolving tray, to be placed in the middle of the dining table, to simplify the distribution of food between diners during meals. Even in the kitchen, the Lazy Susan proves to be a formidable tool for organising spices, containers and small utensils. these trays can also be placed inside the cupboard or walk-in wardrobe

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