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Corner TV cabinet: guide to choosing the ideal corner TV cabinet

Corner TV cabinet is the ideal solution for making productive use of a living room space. It gives personality to an area of the living room and has many solutions. Consider the materials, finishes and style to be given . It can be standard, customised or designer.

Sliding doors, a world of possibility for your spaces

Sliding doors is a door that opens by sliding horizontally, typically parallel to a wall. Which typesn and hot to use them . Glass sliding doors let natural light into the space, making it more energy efficient. Glass sliding doors provide separation in a large open room without making it appear smaller. The benefits of sliding doors are their short space requirements for opening and their simplicity of automation.

Designer wine cellar: everything you need to know to choose the right model

Designer wine cellar is one of the objects of desire for all wine enthusiasts and is a piece of furniture available in a wide variety of styles. The freestanding models give more freedom to the interior designer, who can construct a furnishing project that fully enhances its beauty. it also allows you to create real wine-tasting experiences. it also has an integrated lighting system, usually LED, which allows you to view the contents of its interior at all times.

Luxury interior wallpaper is back in fashion and loved by designers.

Luxury interior wallpaper has always been an original and popular way to make your walls unique and decorate them. You can achieve various very modern effects, even 3D. The materials from which it is made are many such as cotton, silk or synthetic material. It can be of the most varied patterns, and the more special and limited edition,

Customisable bookcase: how do you choose the right model?

Customisable bookcase a versatile piece of furniture that expresses itself as much in the type of objects it holds as in its structure, which becomes modular and configurable with great freedom. Variety and customisation are principles that also guide the choice of materials to be used. Inserted between revolving structures, furniture with open compartments or solutions closed by sliding or hinged doors, the bookcase can furnish spaces of all kinds and sizes.

Modern living room tables: a guide to choosing the ideal piece of furniture for your needs

Modern living room tables are often the centrepiece of the room’s furniture. The perfect tables are functional, made with a sophisticated design and solid materials. Care must be taken to match not only the table with the chairs, but also with the carpets, the floor and the colour of the walls.

Who are the best luxury interior designers?

the best luxury interior designers, to leave absolutely nothing to chance. These are specialists and the names are obviously endless and as always it depends on personal taste, but there are figures on which everyone is unanimous.

Knoll Saarinen Womb chair, a chair to pamper and amaze

Knoll Saarinen Womb chair, a high design chair that will not disfigure any type of environment. Its purpose is precisely to make the person feel cuddled, enveloped and protected, like a foetus in the womb. The seat legs are made of tubular steel, seamless, while the seat shell is made of moulded fibreglass with foam upholstery.

Luxury mirrors: how to choose the right model for you?

Luxury mirrors have so many merits that they are a necessary element of interior design in different home contexts. First and foremost, they reflect, creating a play of perspectives. They illuminate spaces and can match the style chosen for furnishing the house or can be a striking element that stands out from the crowd.

Knoll Saarinen tulip chair, when the chair becomes design. With just one leg!

Knoll Saarinen tulip chair is a point of innovation in the world of seating that brings elegance and modernity to the living area. An element that has almost the same charm as a sculpture. Instead of legs, a pedestal can be rotated or fixed.