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Bathroom cabinet: how to choose the right cabinet for the style of your bathroom?

bathroom cabinet play a crucial role in interior design projects, especially those that have a distinctly modern character. they allow for storage space, orderly organisation and having everything needed for personal care in the family within easy reach. Once you have decided what the maximum cabinet size is and where to place the bathroom cabinet, you can move on to choosing the right model.

With visible elements and fine finishes, how to make the most of a designer sideboard

designer sideboard represents a perfect combination of practicality, tradition and aesthetics. thanks to its characteristics, open compartments or closed by transparent doors can be provided for elements that you want to be seen. A piece of furniture with attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance, from the lines to the shapes, from the placement of the objects that will take their place to the lights.

Narrow tables: what do they look like? How to choose the right type for your kitchen or living room?

Narrow tables are an ingenious and versatile solution for furnishing the home and are especially useful when one has special needs, for a question of space or for interior design decisions made. a great solution for optimising space without sacrificing style.

What does it mean to have a large dining table?

large dining table seems to encapsulate the premise of dinners with lots of guests, in cheerfulness and conviviality. the size and space required vary greatly. Large can be understood to mean a table that is large because it seats so many people or because it leaves plenty of room for everyone. rectangular and oval solutions are often indicated, due to a question of space requirements.

Wooden desk: which model to choose for a perfect furnishing result?

A wooden desk is a more classic and versatile choice, as well as being an excellent solution for both home and office furnishing. a solid and durable piece of furniture and helps create a functional and aesthetically pleasing work area

An element for two: the TV mirror and its versatility

TV mirror, its principle is to be a television only when you need it, when you want to watch a film or a documentary all together, otherwise it becomes a mirror. It is a system that seeks a delicate balance between the quality of the images seen in the mirror and those then transmitted by the screen. It is particularly suitable for those who do not like intensive use of television and do not leave it switched on throughout the day.

Retractable and capable of becoming something else, a guide to the world of space saving beds

 Space saving beds that can also be multi-purpose, for more dynamic homes. There are basically two types: vertically retractable, to exploit the height of a room, or horizontally retractable, for those who have a little more space at low heights

Extravagant sideboard: what does it look like? How to choose the right model?

Extravagant sideboard can add a touch of personality and originality to rooms. Those who choose to furnish their home with this type of sideboard particularly appreciate its unique design, which can create a distinctive atmosphere within a location. The possibilities of choice are practically unlimited and it is advisable to combine it with furniture with simple and essential lines.

Height-adjustable desk: how to choose the right model for your needs?

Height-adjustable desk a piece of furniture that represents the natural evolution of traditional desks. it is the perfect solution if you need to take action to safeguard the health of your back. in home furnishing it can transform the space, adding not only functionality but also a modern and aesthetically pleasing touch to the environment.

A suitable choice for every environment, the (thousand) advantages of dining chairs in leather

Dining chairs in leather are a winning choice that adapt to every style, perfect for the dining room but that can also be used in the kitchen. They are in fact complements that, similarly to armchairs and sofas in the same material, rhyme with refinement. A leather chair is the right complement for both a classic and a modern environment. They are comfortable, do not get dirty or ruin easily and are easy to maintain,

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