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The priceless brightness and versatility of glass tables

glass tables for the kitchen, for the living room or even for an office or meeting room are countless. glass is totally recyclable and moreover contains no paint or chemicals. Glass, whether natural or coloured, is not discoloured by the sun, so it is durable, even in a place where it receives direct sunlight or outside.

Durable, elegant, hygienic: all the whys of a ceramic table

Ceramic table This is a choice that suits every type of table, from kitchen tables to outdoor tables, thanks to its structural features as well as its aesthetic ones. The main aesthetic characteristic of a table made of ceramic is its shine. it is easy to clean and sanitise using the most common detergents and will last a long time, because it not only withstands thermal shock and is easy to clean, but will not be scratched.

Softer or stiffer, the function of the topper mattress in a good night’s sleep

Topper mattresshas become, in recent years, a must for comfort in bed. It is a thin, padded topper mattress. It does not replace the classic mattress, but is placed between it and the topper mattress. The functions of the topper can in fact be different. It can be used to improve the stiffness of a mattress or to make it softer. The greater the thickness, the greater the guaranteed softness. As far as materials are concerned, topper mattress can be found on the market in memory foam, fibre, latex, polyurethane foam

Informal, convivial and less bulky, because with a round table you can never go wrong

Round table The table is the convivial element par excellence, as well as an important design complement. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and if you want a table that is extremely convivial, even informal, without real roles, the round table is the best choice. For the same surface area, the round shape leads to a smaller footprint, so it could be a space-saving solution.

How to choose the right coffee table, from size to shape

Coffee table if chosen carefully it also becomes a useful design element for many things. It can come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Regarding materials and styles, as mentioned, the starting point is the style of the house.

For convivial outdoor dining, the round garden table is a perfect choice

A round garden table is in most cases the right choice! it adapts to any shape and environment and brings with it a feeling of conviviality. it is perfect for giving your space an aura of relaxation, what you are looking for outside when eating on a fine summer’s day.

Where it comes from, how it is made and where it should be placed: all you need to know about the Kilim rug

Kilim rug fits into any environment. It comes from tradition and yet is perfect for classic, contemporary or even furnished flats with an ethnic or Nordic style, which is so popular lately. A Kilim rug is usually colourful, but colours are never mixed together in its realisation. With its purely geometric and therefore often square patterns, a carpet of this kind is the perfect complement for a living room furnished in an essential style.

Relaxing chair: how to choose the right armchair for physical well-being and relaxation?

Relaxing chair, How to choose the right one? What to consider and what you need to know if you want to use them in projects.

Kitchen sideboards: how to choose the right cupboard for your kitchen

Kitchen sideboards are very versatile pieces of furniture, and are available in various shapes and sizes. they can take on the most varied shapes and designs. solid wood or those in lacquered or even painted wood. Follow the same furnishing style adopted for living area furniture

A wooden wall shelf should not only be functional but also an aesthetic complement

wall shelf is a useful piece of furniture, because it brings space to store various objects, and at the same time a design object, both in terms of how it is made and what is placed on it. What is the difference between a shelf and a shelf. Perfect for utilising the otherwise lost space between two walls is a corner cabinet.

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