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Wooden desk: which model to choose for a perfect furnishing result?

A wooden desk is a more classic and versatile choice, as well as being an excellent solution for both home and office furnishing. a solid and durable piece of furniture and helps create a functional and aesthetically pleasing work area

An element for two: the TV mirror and its versatility

TV mirror, its principle is to be a television only when you need it, when you want to watch a film or a documentary all together, otherwise it becomes a mirror. It is a system that seeks a delicate balance between the quality of the images seen in the mirror and those then transmitted by the screen. It is particularly suitable for those who do not like intensive use of television and do not leave it switched on throughout the day.

Retractable and capable of becoming something else, a guide to the world of space saving beds

 Space saving beds that can also be multi-purpose, for more dynamic homes. There are basically two types: vertically retractable, to exploit the height of a room, or horizontally retractable, for those who have a little more space at low heights

Extravagant sideboard: what does it look like? How to choose the right model?

Extravagant sideboard can add a touch of personality and originality to rooms. Those who choose to furnish their home with this type of sideboard particularly appreciate its unique design, which can create a distinctive atmosphere within a location. The possibilities of choice are practically unlimited and it is advisable to combine it with furniture with simple and essential lines.

Height-adjustable desk: how to choose the right model for your needs?

Height-adjustable desk a piece of furniture that represents the natural evolution of traditional desks. it is the perfect solution if you need to take action to safeguard the health of your back. in home furnishing it can transform the space, adding not only functionality but also a modern and aesthetically pleasing touch to the environment.

A suitable choice for every environment, the (thousand) advantages of dining chairs in leather

Dining chairs in leather are a winning choice that adapt to every style, perfect for the dining room but that can also be used in the kitchen. They are in fact complements that, similarly to armchairs and sofas in the same material, rhyme with refinement. A leather chair is the right complement for both a classic and a modern environment. They are comfortable, do not get dirty or ruin easily and are easy to maintain,

The design swivel armchair: a piece of furniture that adds a modern touch to your décor (Guide to choosing a model)

design swivel armchair allow you to furnish spaces by adding a touch of modernity and dynamism. it becomes the ideal space on which to relax after a day’s work or on which to enjoy a moment of leisure, whenever you want. it offers the necessary comfort without sacrificing style and practicality. The dimensions, materials and colours of the model are the aspects you should focus on most.

Arm chairs, when and according to which criteria to choose them

arm chairs are important, both in terms of design and practicality. The armrest is a detail that increases comfort, because it allows you to rest your arms. Experts usually recommend armrests at a height of 15-23 centimetres from the seat, both for practicality and for the comfort of resting the arm. The choice as regards shapes is truly vast, with chairs from the classic geometric shape to other sinuous and imaginative ones for those who want to dare

Solid and timeless, solid wooden beds are suitable for every room

solid wooden beds are oases where you can be yourself and rest, in the literal sense of the word. solid wooden bed sare solid, essential and suitable for those with allergies. they are ideal for rooms that want to convey a feeling of warmth and be extremely cosy. Solid wood is a truly evergreen material that appeals in all eras and furnishing philosophies, think Nordic or Oriental. Many different models of solid wooden beds can be created, with different sizes and shapes.

With the reclining armchair , here is unique and customisable relaxation

reclining armchair something versatile and customisable that can adapt to the needs of each individual, following the specific lines of his or her body. What is now called a relaxation armchair is in fact ideal for anyone wishing to find a high level of comfort and brings advantages not only in terms of pure comfort but also in terms of well-being. There are numerous models on the market, from all the best brands producing sofas and the like.

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