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Interior fit-out : what are the best tips for fitting out the interior of your home?

Interior fit-out  refers to the art and practice of designing and organising the interior spaces of a home, office or any other living space. Interior fit-out ers work to make the best use of available rooms and spaces, creating clearly defined zones in which to carry out different activities and ensuring a harmonious flow between them. During the process, it is also advisable to consider the importance of brightness and lighting in the different rooms.

Modern entrance designs

Modern entrance designs can become a splendid calling card for any home. The care with which they are designed means that modern entrance designs make the room extremely welcoming. These furnishings manage to maximise the use of available space through the use of practical and integrated solutions. In modern entrances, it is also the choice of materials and colours that makes the difference.

For our Lugano furniture , we want quality, attention and breadth of choice

Lugano Furniture We at Piccolo, in fact, are active with our showroom in Lugano, a city on the shores of Lake Lugano that can be reached in just a few hours, being able to guarantee all customers the best furniture for their city house but also for their mountain or seaside home and for their shop, their hotel or their restaurant

Italian furnishing is not a trend but a combination of quality and ingenuity

Italian furnishingis something of extreme value, sought after and desired in homes all over the world. it is characterised by materials of absolute quality, beautiful to look at and durable over time, by the attention to detail, by the industriousness of its products, which are imitated and exported all over the world. It combines the search for tradition with territory and modernity

Chalet interior design: what are the best tips for making the ideal choices?

Chalet interior design requires some special attention. Choices regarding colours are crucial to stay true to the warm atmosphere. Choosing quality fabrics can make all the difference and help create a comfortable and cosy result. They can be used strategically to illuminate shaded areas of rooms or to give the illusion of being in a larger space than it actually is.

Going to furniture shops in Switzerland means talking about yourself, here’s why

Furniture shops in Switzerland are for choosing every detail, finding combinations of styles, materials and colours that speak of the person who will inhabit the space, is to decline the infinite possibilities according to one’s needs. For shops as for interior designers, the aim is to find what best reflects each one. Customisation is the winning way, the one that allows the various furnishing solutions to be tailor-made.

Contemporary modern interiors: what does it look like? What furniture is it made of?

Contemporary modern interiors is an expression of the desire to find a good balance between care for form and the search for perfect functionality. It has the ability to integrate form with function, but the most important thing to do is to balance the boldness of modern with

Modern decor rhymes with essentiality, simplicity, practicality

Modern decor is suitable for every type of room, even more so in lofts characterised by open space, where dynamic and space-saving solutions are needed. Minimalism and essentiality are favoured.  The materials in vogue are metals, steel or Fenix for the kitchen, laminates, innovative materials such as MDI, MDF. To favour practicality and ease of cleaning, freestanding furniture is popular, starting with kitchens.

Wardrobe hall: what are the different options for its placement?

To choose an wardrobe hall, it is important to carefully analyse the space available and understand what functionality you need. Defining the desired dimensions for the furniture helps to get a rough idea of how the entrance will look once the furniture is complete. In traditionally furnished homes, the most natural solution for the entrance is a wooden cupboard in a natural colour.

Furnishings, light and floors, how to make a difference in an indoor pool

Indoor poolbrings with it the advantage of creating a reality that, properly heated, can be used all year round. This structure can give life to a context that allows you to experience unique hours of relaxation, and the real element that makes the difference is the furnishing of the entire room. . The most commonly used materials when it comes to the cladding of a swimming pool are stoneware or natural stone tiles. Also fundamental from an aesthetic and practical point of view is the lighting that is chosen in the room.

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