interior design

What are the contemporary interior design characteristics?

contemporary interior design characteristics are essentially: simplicity, comfort, also understood as practicality, and attention to aesthetics. As for materials, care is taken to use environmentally sustainable ones, sometimes even recycled ones. is a keen eye for mixing elements from even different philosophies, bent of course to be functional and integrated

Milan Design Week 2022: all the best trends from the Milanese kermesse

Milan Design Week 2022 both designers and participating companies have presented many novelties for home furnishing. They all look at sustainability and are committed to offering truly sustainable materials, from controlled sources and, if possible, trends, new shapes, colours and materials.

luxury interior design living room: the 3 steps to the ideal project

luxury interior design living room aims to create comfortable and exclusive environments. The primary objective is to select furniture capable of enhancing the space to be furnished and to understand the requests made. Important is the strategic use of lamps and spotlights that will help emphasise certain points in the living room and bring them to the forefront.

Fine materials, craftsmanship, innovation: the traits of luxury Italian interior design

luxury Italian interior design is a professional who designs interiors, i.e. the choice, combination and arrangement of furniture, lighting and decoration elements. A careful eye is also paid to the eco-sustainability of the products used, which means exalting natural materials, such as the aforementioned wood and stone, but also recycling and reuse.

Classic luxury hallway furniture: what is the best choice?

Classic luxury hallway furniture recalls the splendour of the furnishings of the old aristocratic palaces and allows you to step back in time. Consoles are the most common solution, often completed with a mirror. They are not only suitable for classically furnished homes, but can also enhance a maximalist home.

Mario Botta, from Ticino to the… world. The architect who loves stone

Mario Botta is an architect in Ticino who likes to think and design different buildings. His choice of clear, square volumes with imposing dimensions is also a lecturer at the Mendrisio Academy, which he helped to found.

Herzog & De Meuron, excellence made in Switzerland

Herzog & De Meuron, the firm founded in 1978, is located in Basel and is a Swiss excellence in the field of architecture, with a maniacal attention to detail, materials and textures. Their works are between architecture, archaeology and art.

Office chairs, comfort first but don’t neglect design

Designer office chairs must be practical and comfortable. With or without armrests they must be adjustable and easy to maintain. Better if made of leather for a good feeling but also in plastic for modern offices.

Made-to-measure curtains in Ticino: how to choose the right model for your home? [Practical guide].

Made-to-measure blinds in Ticino Whatever configuration you prefer, when choosing made-to-measure blinds you should always start with the dimensions. There are different types, decorative, blackout and in many materials.

Designer desks: how to choose the ideal designer desk for an office (including smart working)

Designer desks are pieces of furniture that reflect one’s aesthetic taste and offer a comfortable workstation. They can be made of wood or glass, large or small, but must always be practical.