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Kitchen ideas: 10 tips to make your kitchen unique!

Kitchen ideas

In today’s article, we would like to give you some kitchen ideas, accompanied by useful tips for making the right choice according to your tastes and needs.

Let’s start by noting that, in an interior design project, the kitchen plays a prominent role. How so? Often, it is one of the first rooms that guests come into contact with and it is the room where people in the home spend many moments together.

Specifically, to help you, we have collected and selected ten kitchen ideas. These are very useful suggestions for designing a cosy and functional space to make it the true heart of the home.

Study the space carefully

The perfect kitchen design must take into account the specificities of the room to be furnished. A small kitchen or one with low ceilings requires careful planning and probably custom-made furniture. The presence of windows, steps, irregular walls or other architectural constraints must be taken into account in order to find the absolute best solution.

Define the style of your kitchen

The style of the furniture has a strong influence on the appearance of the room. A modern style kitchen brings out the elegant design of the furniture and its practical function, while a rustic style conveys warmth and invites sharing. In homes furnished with contemporary furniture, the idea of an industrial kitchen can also be considered, characterised by an original mix of elements with an elegant and sophisticated look.

Organise the furniture layout

The success of the furniture design depends to a large extent on how the furniture is distributed and organised. Adopting a linear arrangement is a good idea if you are moving in narrow and long spaces, while an angular or L-shaped configuration  is a good idea in larger kitchens. What really makes a difference is the ability to create well-organised spaces in which you can move around easily.

Kitchen ideas

Consider an island or peninsula

What other kitchen ideas? For example this: in modern kitchens, islands and peninsulas are never lacking, so why not make use of them? This element both decorates the room and increases its functionality. Depending on the space available and the result you want to achieve, you can think about installing a central island or a side one, perhaps to be enriched with a snack top.

Choose the materials to be used for furniture and upholstery

Aiming for refined materials is a good solution to make the kitchen more elegant, even when you are planning a simple renovation of the room. Creating a good harmony between the materials used for the furniture and those of the panelling is essential to create a pleasing result. In addition to the appearance of the different materials, it is also essential to assess their resistance to moisture and wear.

Identify the right colours

Among the kitchen ideas we must necessarily mention colours. In particular, the colours used in this room say a lot about the character and taste of the person living in the house. When choosing a colour, many aspects come into play and it is up to the interior designer to find a balance between them all. Some of the elements to take into consideration are the brightness of the location, the furnishing style to be created and the preferences of the client.

Don’t forget technology

Especially in contemporary kitchens, technology plays a central role in furniture choices, even in the kitchen. Leaving appliances visible is a simple but effective solution to put technology at the centre of attention. Integrated hob extractor hoods, smart ovens and virtual assistants are also options to consider if you want to enhance the kitchen experience. 

Kitchen ideas

Harness the power of light

Natural light and artificial light should also be mentioned among kitchen ideas, as they can really change the face of the room. When planning kitchen furniture, the interior designer must be able to balance these two aspects and ensure an optimal light level throughout the day. For example, in small kitchens, the use of light coloured furniture and mirrored walls is a good idea to amplify the amount of natural light in the room.

Add customised elements

Customising kitchen furniture with made-to-measure elements, such as carpets or furniture, or with unique pieces of furniture made from salvaged old objects or handcrafted creations is a good solution that brings a unique and personal touch to the room.

Ensuring that the different elements are coordinated with each other or that they have complementary styles and colours makes for a harmonious and refined ambience. Using, for example, a custom-made luxury carpet coordinated with the curtains and kitchen textiles creates a striking overall effect that conveys order and precision.

Complete the design with accessories and furnishings

Even simple kitchen ideas, such as adding furnishing accessories, such as vases and lamps, or inserting accessories, such as colourful utensils, can add character to the space. By carefully selecting these elements, you can give a sense of completeness to the room and give it a defined identity. All without having to resort to more complex interventions.

These were our kitchen ideas. Ten useful tips for transforming the room in which meals are prepared and consumed into a beautiful, functional and convivial location.

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