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Kitchen island with bar: how to make the ideal choice for your needs?

Kitchen island with bar

Installing a kitchen island with baris a modern solution that achieves a good result in terms of both functionality and customisation.

This type of kitchen configuration works perfectly in an environment furnished in a contemporary style . Moreover, it can be optimally exploited in large kitchens as well as in smaller spaces. Let’s get to know it better so that we can fully appreciate it.

How to design a kitchen island with bar?

If you are looking for a solution for your kitchen that is both functional and elegant, the island with bar is the perfect choice. But how to design a kitchen island with bar for your home? First of all, consider the size of your space. Keep in mind that the island should be large enough to accommodate guests, but not so large that it is an obstacle to moving around the room.

When you choose to install a bar counter, also keep in mind the positioning of the island. It is possible to design the bar as if it were an extension of the island, placing the counter on the long or short side of the worktop, or positioning it perpendicular to the island. These are all good design choices, which must be made according to the specific location.

In any case, whatever position is chosen for the bar area, it is important to check that there is enough room to walk around, to open doors and drawers and to move stools.

In the case of wanting to insert an island with a bar within a small kitchen, one could consider the idea of an extendable or folding counter, which can be used only when necessary.

When designing a kitchen island with bar, the heights of all these elements must then be defined. When the bar counter and island worktop are on the same level, the kitchen will look elegant and sophisticated. On the other hand, when you play with different heights, you can give the room a more original look with minimal effort.

Kitchen island with bar

What are the best solutions for furnishing the kitchen island with barcounter?

Once the island has been designed , it is time to choose the furniture. If you want to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, opt for bar counters made of marble or granite. These materials will give your kitchen island with bar a refined and luxurious look. Alternatively, if you want a more informal yet cosy atmosphere, you can opt for a bar counter made of wood or constructed from an environmentally friendly and durable material such as bamboo.

The covering chosen for the bar counter profoundly influences its aesthetics. The combination of the type of material selected and the colour of the bar island can give a very different result. Let’s take a few guesses. An island with a wooden bar top can evoke the atmosphere of an old English pub or an industrial-style bar. The final result varies depending on the type of wood used, the finishes present and the type of stools used.

If one decides to include a kitchen island with a bar, one must bear in mind that this space in the home will change face many times during the day. It can be used, in fact, during the morning for breakfast, at lunchtime for a quick meal, in the mid-afternoon for a snack and, later, for an aperitif. The bar corner is also the ideal place to welcome friends and have a chat while having a drink. It is also the right location in which to try your hand at the art of mixology.

Kitchen island with bar

What interior design choices should be made to make the bar corner the absolute star of your kitchen island?

Taking care of the lighting is a good way to make the bar counter the star of the kitchen island. Installing warm, soft lighting above the counter, for example, helps to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Depending on how the room is structured, one could proceed with the installation of recessed lights or suspended lamps. Both are good design alternatives.

When you choose to purchase a kitchen island with bar, you can choose many different configurations, taking into account the desires you want to fulfil and the look you want to give to the kitchen and its bar area.

The island, in particular, can be seen only as a space in which food can be eaten or it can be interpreted as the beating heart of the kitchen. In the first case, a minimal and essential structure is preferred, while, in the second case, you can add storage spaces, compartments in which to store bottles and glasses, and shelves in which to arrange plates, cups and various utensils.

In addition, if you need to add a touch of elegance to the room, you can consider decorating the bar counter with design furnishings and unique artistic creations. And that’s not all: you can also catch the eyes of those entering the kitchen by choosing chairs and stools with an original structure or colour.

In conclusion, for a truly unforgettable result, remember to always choose quality materials and to opt for interior design solutions that can also visually enhance your kitchen island with bar. In this way, you will create a cosy and pleasant environment, both for you and for your guests.

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