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Kitchen island with table: how to make the right choice according to project requirements

Kitchen island with table

Installing a kitchen island with table is a space-saving solution that proves useful in various situations. Why? Instead of having a stand-alone table separate from the island, this type of configuration allows you to integrate two elements together and make intelligent use of the available space.

Specifically, an island with an integrated table is an excellent solution both when you need to furnish a small kitchen and when you simply want to have a functional island that also has a space in which to eat.

How to design a kitchen island with a table?

When you choose to include a kitchen island with table in your home, you need to identify the best point in the room in which to install the island, define the size of the island with table and the look it should have. The project must therefore be followed carefully.

To identify the position in which to place the island, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the location in depth. In particular, based on the size and shape of the kitchen, it is possible to evaluate the different options available and move towards the configurations that are most in line with one’s needs.

The shape of the room is one of the aspects that most influences the design of the kitchen island with table. Large open-plan kitchens that continue towards the living room are the ones that present the fewest constraints for interior designers and also allow islands with spacious tables to be installed. Smaller kitchens must be designed more carefully, ensuring that the table leaves sufficient space for passage and that the arrangement of the different elements that make up the kitchen structure are functional.

During the design phase, one must also reason about the appearance of the kitchen with a table island. In this sense, it is very important to choose a mix of materials that reflect one’s own taste.

What are all (or almost all) the possible configurations of the kitchen island with table?

Kitchen islands with table are among the most versatile elements in modern kitchens. In this sense, there are dozens of possible configurations that can be given to an island, all differentiated on the basis of the materials used, the functionality of the island itself or the position of the matching table.

For example, a rather common solution is to choose an island with a table integrated into its structure. Depending on the available space and the shape of the room, the table can be a continuation of the island top or can develop in a different direction. This configuration is particularly interesting in large kitchens and gives the room an appearance that is both uncluttered and well-organised.

Depending on your design preferences, you can choose to install a kitchen island with table that is at the same height as the worktop or lower. Having a table lower than the island not only influences the appearance of the location, but also allows you to adopt original solutions, such as installing a sliding table, which can be extended if necessary, or a swivelling table.

The appearance of the kitchen island with table also depends greatly on the materials used in its manufacture. Those who want a homogenous result can choose the same material for the surface of the island and the table. Those who, on the other hand, want more characterisation of these two elements can choose a mix of materials. For the table, wood is generally used, which is left in its natural colour or varnished. For the island, on the other hand, marble, granite, resin or modern luxury synthetic materials can be used. The options are therefore very wide.

Another piece of advice. Never underestimate the shape of the table. Which is? A rectangular table is not necessarily the best choice for all projects. If you have an alternation of square and rounded elements in your design project, you might consider installing a kitchen island with a round table , for example. On the other hand, when you have little space available, you can opt for a square table , which is just as functional but less bulky than a rectangular table.

Kitchen island with table

Some suggestions for furnishing a kitchen island with table

If for the installation of a simple island one must optimise the so-called working triangle, i.e. organise the arrangement of the elements so as to minimise movement between the refrigerator, sink and cooker, when deciding to install a kitchen island with table one must also consider the position and size of the table. This is the only way to achieve an end result that is truly optimal.

In open-plan kitchens, you can consider installing an island with a mobile table. This configuration allows the table to be moved in different directions and sometimes to ‘close’ the table by overlapping it with the island top.

In kitchens with a classic closed structure, on the other hand, it might be useful to choose a kitchen island with a table leaning against the wall. In this case, a cosy corner would be created in which to eat meals and, especially if the room is small, it would be possible to make the most of all the available space.

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