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Shapes, technology, colour and functions, a guide to Kitchens in Switzerland for every need

Kitchens Switzerland

Where to start when designing your kitchen

When choosing furniture for your kitchens in Switzerland, it is essential to first of all take into account the style of the house, its configuration and how you want to use it. There are differences between classic and modern kitchens, both from the point of view of design and the choice of furniture, materials (wood being the evergreen) and colours.

Classic Kitchens in Switzerland: symmetry, wood and home warmth

Classic kitchens are built around the concept of symmetry and harmony. The beating heart is the hob, often together with the oven and refrigerator. It represents the centre from the point of view of both functionality and aesthetics. Utensils such as pots and pans or even mugs, especially if they are special, become design complements to be highlighted, arranged on shelves and countertops. The main material is wood, perhaps combined with marble, capable of giving a feeling of domestic warmth and elegance at the same time.

In classic kitchens, essentiality and minimalism

When furnishing modern kitchens, the key word is essentiality. There are no unnecessary elements, and everything plays on a concept of extreme cleanliness and organisation. Cabinets usually have no handles, and suspended solutions, which are very easy to clean, are also very popular. In this case, one does not like to show pots and utensils, which are hidden as much as possible: nothing must be seen around.

The most suitable materials for a modern kitchen concept are steel or Fenix metal, but also wood, perhaps polished, is perfect and never goes out of fashion.

As far as colours are concerned, if the choice is a classic one will go for pastel or white tones, very light and bright, or for the natural wood colour. When dealing with modern Kitchens in Switzerland, the tendency is for a single-colour solution, which can be white, black (but be careful not to weigh it down) or other colours such as red or blue, or neutral shades such as dove grey or grey, or two-tone.

Kitchens Switzerland

Modern or classic, the need is one: exploit space!

However, a characteristic common to all types of kitchens, especially in flats that do not have a lot of space, is the need to exploit all available space. In contemporary Kitchens in Switzerland, there is a need to store pots and dishes, which perhaps in classic kitchens are displayed on refined shelves, becoming design objects. In both cases, large stocks of food are often stocked, not having the time to go shopping every day. Therefore, pantries are needed that are capable of holding several items, thanks also to rotating or retractable shelves.

In order to make better use of space, corner solutions are useful and popular, both for the pantry and precisely because of the shape of the kitchen. If corner kitchens in Switzerland are chosen, they must be designed around the triangle formed by the hob, fridge and sink, to facilitate the work of those preparing meals. Having everything within reach also has a positive effect on ergonomics and therefore on the back.

Kitchens Switzerland

The island and its many functions. A solution for all kitchens

For both modern and classic Kitchens in Switzerland, the island is becoming increasingly popular. In the case of open-plan kitchens, it can serve as a connection to the living room and can be adapted to a variety of functions: it can become a snack top or even a place to eat meals (although in the classic conception the table continues to be liked), or the hob and oven can be placed there.

Technology pleases the classic and the modern

And what about technology? Green light, in both modern and classic, to appliances that work via apps and home automation. In contemporary settings, yes also to push/pull sinks, capable of disappearing into the top. The difference is that in a classic concept the modernities are there, but are hidden, whereas in the modern they are highlighted. But nobody gives up comfort, rightly so!

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