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Modern wardrobe: what is it? How to make the right choice for your furnishing needs?

Modern wardrobe

Anyone wishing to include a modern wardrobe in their home can choose from a number of alternative solutions. Considering several structures, materials and styles, it is easy to see that this furnishing option is capable of satisfying various types of needs.

Specifically, if you have special needs, you can also resort to made-to-measure designs, which guarantee that you obtain solutions that are both versatile and customised.

How should a modern wardrobe be designed?

When you are called upon to design a modern wardrobe, you have to make some fairly precise choices in order to be able to find an ideal configuration, i.e. one that offers an optimal system for organising clothing and accessories. At the same time, the wardrobe must represent a stylistic solution that is consistent with the furniture chosen for the rest of the house.

In the design phase, one of the first choices to be made is the structure to be given to the wardrobe. Then there is also the choice of materials to be used. The preference for one solution or another essentially depends on the specific needs of the people living in the house, the space that will house the wardrobe system and, last but not least, the location of the wardrobe.

The classic and very practical situation involves installing a modern wardrobe in the bedroom. In this case, it is necessary to design a piece of furniture that is consistent with the décor and personality of the room. Among the options to consider are, for example, built-in wardrobes, to be made to measure, or small modular walk-in wardrobes. 

When bedrooms do not have enough space to accommodate a capacious wardrobe system, you can think about making space in other areas of the house. Often, corridors or stairwells provide the solution. In these cases, a modern wardrobe can be structured using a wall or mezzanine structure, in order to be able to utilise the available space in height.

Modern wardrobe

The entrance area is also an area to be considered. In this area of the home, modern wardrobe systems with a modular structure can be installed, which can also be used as decorative elements.

In terms of materials, solid wood is the ideal choice for those who want a wardrobe with an elegant and refined design, while metal is perfect for those who want a wardrobe with a modern, minimalist style. In the case of limited space, it is possible to choose glass or plastic furniture, which guarantee both lightness and transparency.

What trends should be considered when designing a modern wardrobe system?

Generally speaking, plans for contemporary wardrobe systems reflect the latest trends in interior design.

Firstly, modern wardrobes with an open, minimalist structure tend to be preferred. Leaving clothing and accessories in view meets both a practical need and a stylistic choice. In particular, being able to closely observe the contents of the wardrobe makes it easier to choose which clothes to use and can suggest new combinations and outfits. Moreover, for fashionistas, it can be a source of pride to show off their selection of garments.

Modular solutions are other major players among modern wardrobes. These structures are usually very basic and offer great practicality and flexibility. Even if they are predefined modules, it is possible to obtain highly customised furniture that is well suited to various needs.

There is also no shortage of solutions available for those who prefer a closed modern wardrobe system. Integrating modules with doors gives you all the protection you need, and you can choose the opening system you prefer between hinged and sliding doors.

Modern wardrobe

What do I need to know before choosing a modern wardrobe?

Before choosing to furnish your bedroom with a contemporary wardrobe, it is important to know that there are several solutions available, which can be adapted to different space and style requirements. Thanks to the possibility of creating customised designs, it is possible to obtain flexible and versatile solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of each home.

In addition, the flexibility of the different furnishing options available makes it possible to find suitable ideas for every space in the home. Whether it is a modern or a classic home, it is in any circumstance possible to find wardrobes that integrate perfectly with the existing furnishings, creating a harmonious and functional environment.

Thanks to modern wardrobes, even the most special requirements can be met. Those who need a full-height wardrobe, for example, or a wardrobe with a depth that is less or more than standard can resort to customised solutions or made-to-measure designs.

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