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A wooden wall shelf should not only be functional but also an aesthetic complement

Wall shelf

Where should a wooden wall shelf be placed? Anywhere!

It is ideal for all types of furniture and for all rooms, from the living room to the bedroom or entrance hall, and even for purely functional rooms such as laundry rooms and garages. The wooden wall shelf is a useful piece of furniture, because it provides space for storing various objects, and at the same time a design object, both in terms of how it is made and what is placed on it. Forget, in fact, the classic shelf supports everything: the arrangement must be designed in a studied way and well integrated into the furnishings, whether we are talking about a modern or a classic home.

If every style wants its own furniture and its own furnishing philosophy, so much so that it is often necessary to enlist the help of interior designers with turnkey projects in order to succeed in creating a quality environment, the wooden wall shelf is a sure-fire hit: it is perfect for everyone, from antique to modern, Scandinavian to shabby chic to Japanese.

That is why it is good for every context. But it is also aesthetic, not just functional

First of all, wood is a truly evergreen material, which conveys a feeling of domestic warmth but at the same time goes well with any type of furniture. Next, the shelf, or classic shelf, finds its place in any context. The dictionary definition of a shelf speaks of an “element of the furniture or equipment of a room consisting of one or more fixed or movable horizontal shelves, used for storing books, or even various objects or goods”, nowadays the aesthetic function must be added, which is indispensable.

Wooden wall shelf and shelf, how they differ

The difference between a bookshelf and a shelf is that the latter is directly mounted to the wall and is a single unit, while the shelf is made up of several shelves that form a piece of furniture, leaning against the wall (or placed in the middle of a room, perhaps even mobile). Part of the design of the shelf itself are also the supports that hold the various shelves together: in classical contexts, one would choose a large structure, in modern ones one that is barely visible. Similarly, classic shelves have prominent brackets, modern ones often do without.

How to choose the elements of your shelf

The shelf itself, i.e. the horizontal shelf where objects will be placed, can have different shapes. They range from the classic shelf, in this case in wood, straight and of different sizes, to sinus-shaped, rounded, complex shelves. Indeed, bear in mind that the wall shelf must not only be a shelf, but must also furnish. You could have an empty wall where only space can be made for it, giving it a touch of originality, following the style, shape and colour of other furniture such as wall units or bookcases.

In classic homes, the wooden wall shelves will have a significant thickness, in modern contexts the focus is often on the ultra-thin. To exploit the otherwise lost space between two walls, a corner cabinet can be chosen.

And what about colour? With wood you have no problem, as any colour can be achieved. White fits easily into any style, when dealing with a living room or a rustic room even the raw colour of wood is perfect. Usually one tends to use a single colour for the structure and shelves, even in minimalist and contemporary lofts. The contrast, if desired, should be chosen with other furniture and not within the shelf itself.

Wall shelf

A reasoned and design-oriented order for objects placed on the wooden wall shelf

As mentioned, books, photos or accessories, even technological items in modern contexts, can find a place there. But be careful how you arrange them: you need a reasoned concept of order that highlights each object, even the most functional.

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