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Kitchen island with counter: how to choose it? How to make the right choice based on the furnishing style?

Kitchen island with counter

The kitchen island with counter is a solution often resorted to when you want to give the room an elegant and modern look. Thanks to this choice, it is possible to bring together in one place an area dedicated to work, an area in which to organise utensils and various useful objects in the kitchen, and a bar area in which to socialise with family and guests.

Thanks to its many strengths, the kitchen island with counter is a versatile and functional solution, suitable for kitchens of various sizes.

What are the benefits of a kitchen island with counter?

The kitchen island with counter is one of the most modern interpretations of the classic kitchen island. It is a solution that has been an immediate success, especially thanks to its versatility and the functionality it offers. An island of this type can in fact meet the needs of various types of families, from large families to single people who like to invite their friends over for dinner.

One of the most immediate advantages provided by a kitchen island with counteris the ability to improve the organisation of space. By resorting to this solution, in fact, an area is created within the room that, if necessary, can be used as a work area or bar area. In this way, the kitchen can be organised in a more rational manner, perhaps deciding to place the appliances and utensils necessary for cooking on the island and reserving the bar area for the preparation of drinks and snacks.

The kitchen island with counter is also a very versatile space: if necessary, it can become a dining table , a work surface or a cooking surface, depending on the needs of the moment.

Kitchen island with counter

How to furnish a kitchen with a bar island?

When you choose to furnish your kitchen with a kitchen island with counter, it is important to balance different needs in order to create a functional and welcoming environment.

The first thing to do is to establish the position of the island within the kitchen, taking into account the distribution of space and the functionality you wish to achieve. Next, you can move on to the choice of design.

From this point of view, the options are endless: they range from the classic solid wood island to the modern stainless steel one. In addition to considering one’s aesthetic preferences, to make the right choice it is important to check that the design integrates well with the style of the room and reflects the personality of the space.

In order to furnish the kitchen in the best possible way, one must also take into account what needs this space will have to satisfy. Those who want to dedicate the island above all to preparing meals, for example, will have to make sure that the desired island model offers a sufficiently large and resistant work surface. Those who intend to use the island primarily as a bar area, on the other hand, will have to choose a model organised in such a way as to be able to accommodate everything needed for the preparation of drinks.

Finally, an aspect not to be underestimated when deciding to add an island with bar to the kitchen is the lighting of the space. Light plays a fundamental role in the success of the furnishing project and in creating a welcoming and functional atmosphere. Various solutions can be used to illuminate the worktop and bar area, including pendant lamps or recessed spotlights, depending on the style of the island and the furniture in the room.

Kitchen island with counter

What style to give to your kitchen island with counter?

The choice of furnishing style for your kitchen island with countertop depends on your personal preferences and the style of the furniture you have chosen for the rest of the room. There are different design solutions that suit different styles, starting with a modern, minimalist style and ending with a rustic, traditional style.

If you want a modern style island, you can choose materials such as stainless steel or synthetic ceramics. Both of these solutions give the island a clean and essential look that goes well with the minimalist atmosphere in the kitchen.

Conversely, if the kitchen has a rustic and traditional style, it is preferable to use materials with a warm and elegant appearance, such as solid wood or natural stone. A kitchen island with solid wood counter, for example, gives the room a very homely and cosy atmosphere, while an island in natural stone such as granite or marble gives the space a special elegant and refined touch.

For the furnishing of contemporary kitchens, the industrial style, which is characterised by an original and sophisticated look, is increasingly used. In this case, materials such as metal and concrete can be used for the island with bar, which can be enriched with wooden or leather-covered accessories.

Finally, if you have chosen the Scandinavian style to furnish your kitchen, you can install a bar island with simple lines and made of light wood, left in its natural colour or painted with pastel paints.

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