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Luxury furniture switzerland, a trend that goes beyond style

Luxury furniture switzerland

Luxury goes beyond style

Luxury in the world of furniture is a concept that goes beyond styles, embracing characteristics related to materials, colours and declinations, ranging from aesthetic beauty to functionality. Choosing luxury furniture switzerland means betting on precious objects, finished with care, made of the best materials and with details that are themselves a design complement, where nothing is left to chance. And it matters little whether we are talking about a classic or modern context, luxury is a concept that goes beyond that.

For luxurious interior design in Switzerland, every detail is taken care of

When one decides to have a home characterised by luxury, it is not enough to opt for furniture with certain peculiarities: it is the entire furnishing philosophy that must adapt to the concept of beautiful, refined, precious. It will be necessary to take maniacal care of every detail, even those considered most trivial. For example, it will be necessary to pay great attention to the lighting, which in turn will have to be of value and be able to correctly highlight the luxury furniture switzerland (for example, one can choose crystal chandeliers, with Swarosky, in Murano glass).  Nor should the choice of fabrics for curtains or tablecloths, for example, or cushions to embellish sofas and armchairs be overlooked. Any object that is placed on the shelves or even just on a table must be carefully selected, so that it can add something extra to the entire ambience. Works of art also play an important part, and we at Piccolo Sagl have for years been experts in finding the right ones for every room.

Luxury furniture switzerland

Why, when furnishing luxuriously, it is advisable to consult an interior designer

In short, furnishing according to luxurious interior design presupposes planning down to the smallest detail, where everything is studied with the final effect in mind. Obviously, even if luxury is not only associated with one style, one must carefully follow the dictates of the one chosen. If a classic ensemble is desired, utensils such as pots and pans or tea sets should be on display in the kitchen, which in turn should be of high quality, while if modern is preferred, nothing should be in sight. And when the desire is to decline luxury into trends such as Scandinavian style, shabby chic or oriental, the advice is often to seek the advice of designers who will be able to advise at best. Among other things, the mixture of different styles and eras is very popular in luury, which is not easy to achieve without significant knowledge of interior design.

Moreover, although it is not necessarily obvious, luyury furnishings are often designed, created and made to measure. A prerogative of luyury is indeed uniqueness, not being banal, being different and original, standing out, being made especially for that context and for those people. So, welcome to luxury furniture switzerland created ad hoc by craftsmen.

Luxury furniture switzerland

The perfect materials for luxury furniture switzerland

The materials for furniture that is truly luxury can be varied, worked with extreme attention to detail and precision. They can be made of precious wood, perhaps solid wood, the work of carpentry workshops that create unique and unrepeatable pieces, decorating them with trim and fine woodwork. Marble, refined and timeless, is also popular in luxury furniture switzerland. Another material to be used, capable of lending brightness and delicacy, is glass, which can be combined with others, bringing a touch of unparalleled lightness to any piece of furniture. Particular workmanship, with careful and original finishes, is welcome.

Do not forget that nowadays a fundamental atout even in luxury interior design is attention to sustainability. The characteristics of luxury furniture switzerland must therefore include being made of materials that can be recycled and that respect the environment.

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